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-Name: michelle
-Age: 14
-Location: fredericksburg, virginia
-9 bands:
3.manic street preachers
4.the early november hot chili peppers
6. deathcab for cutie
7. moldy peaches
8.the get up kids
9.crowded house
-8 songs:
1. dosed
2. i was a kaleidoscope
3. the year of purification
4. im lost without you
5. downloading porn with davo
6. pennyroyal Tea
7. throw away your television
8. clarrisa
-7 cds:
1. californication
2. the photo album
3. Frankenstein Girls Will Seem Strangely Sexy
4. nirvana unplugged in new york
5. darkside of the moon
6. lord of the rings-two towers soundtract
7. slippery when wet
-6 hobbies:
1. music
2. internet
3. guitar
4. friends?
5. drawing
6. html
-5 stores:
1. spencers
2. suncoast
3. sam goody
4. hot topic
5. pickers supply
-4 colors:
1. red
2. orange
3. black
4. white
-3 shows:
1. i love the 70s/80s/80s strikes back
2. viva la bam
3. .hack//sign
-2 books:
1. In the Eyes of the Dragon
2. Prey
-1 item of clothing:
1. my hoodie.
Who do you look up to and why? I look up to my chorus teacher, mrs. m. I dunno why. Shes always so cool and layed back, and fun and smart and sincere.
In your opinion, whats the most overrated store? hot topic
What do you think about the whole downloading music {kazaa} thing? ::shrug:: i do it. but its a lot nicer to actually own the tangable cd.
Same sex marriage? love is love. love is blind. people need to get over that.
And of course, what about war? i dont have much of an opinion on war. but when i think about it, it seems pretty stupid, and hateful and its not getting us anywhere
Why are you FARXOUT? ehh..just think about it... ::cracks open diet coke::
♥2 or more photos.

these pictures suck. they're pretty old too.
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