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hello, judge me.


-Name- jen
-Age- eighteen
-Location- scotland, uk


-9 bands-
new found glory, alkaline trio, hidden in plain view, the early november, rx bandits, the ataris, allister, home grown & the clash
-8 songs-
"hit or miss" by new found glory "sell you beautiful" by rx bandits, "shimmy shimmy quarter turn" by hellogoodbye, "ever so sweet" by the early november, "cross my heart" by the rockt summer, "cute without the e" by taking back sunday, "i believe i can fly" by me first & the gimme gimmes, and "tisbury lane" by mae.
-7 cds-
"the resignation" by rx bandits, "make yourself at home" by the starting line, "nothing gold can stay" by new found glory, "godammit" by alkaline trio, "the acoustic ep" by the early november, "take a break" by me first & the gimme gimmes, & "blue skies, broken hearts... next twelve exits" by the ataris.
-6 hobbies-
painting, photography, listening to music, surfing the net, shopping, reading.
-5 stores-
uh... top shop, ripping records, avalanche, drive-thru store, &... i dunno, sound control!
-4 colors-
blue, black, white, red
-3 shows-
i read this was tv shows, but i don't watch alot of tv so i'm doing concerts! :D
something corporate/new found glory - august 02, hidden in plain view/the early november - january 04, sugarcult, biffy clyro, sum 41 - august 03.
-2 books-
"the woman who painted her dreams" by isla dewar, & "are you dave gorman?" by dave gorman & danny wallace.
-1 item of clothing-
my drive-thru shirt. <3


Who do you look up to and why?
i always find this a hard question, cause there's no particular individual i look up to. i look up to people who have gotten where they are, and where they want to be, by themselves, who got successful using their own brains, who fought for what they wanted and what they believed in, and those who live by who they want to be, not who everyone else wants them to be.

In your opinion, whats the most overrated store?
from internet expierience, i'd say hot topic, but i've never been in one so that's kinda stupid. those big flashy designer stores that sell big flashy designer clothes. you can get things that look exactly the same for so much less. your paying for a stupid name.

What do you think about the whole downloading music {kazaa} thing?
i don't have anything against downloading music, i use it to see what an album is like, or to download a song that i wouldn't buy an album for, and want to just have one song. it's geat for hearing new bands and discovering new cd's. i think the record industry is blaming falling sales on downloading, which is probably partly the reason - the other part is POPULAR MUSIC IS VERY SHIT, so no-one buys it.

Same sex marriage?
i am ver much for this. love is an emotion, a feeling you can't control, and you shouldn't put laws on what people feel and how they show that love.

And of course, what about war?
war, jeez. good things have come of war, and people have to fight back (if britain and it's friend countries (alis?) hadn't fought back against germany, i'd be typing in german), but i personally think the whole war problem is down to the religion problem. blah, i hate talking about war. to put it bluntly, i think it's stupid, and things can be sorted out without all that violence.

Why are you FARXOUT?
haha, i don't think i'm far out, i suck, but i wanted to join, so maybe that's cool enough for ya.

&two or more photos.

these are the most recent. kay, here we go;

some are edited but i like them, & some are not, so you get some of both. <3

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