michelle. (michellewntknow) wrote in farxout,

application like whoa!!

-Name- michelle
-Age- 19
-Location- vegas baby!!

-9 bands-
bayside, coheed, bright eyes, brand new, a static lullaby, norma jean, boysnightout, saves the day, planes mistaken for stars
-8 songs-
"tiger lily"- matchbook romance, "lover i dont have to love" - bright eyes, "grand theft autumn" - fall out boy, "making friends and acquaintances" - cursive, "lipgloss and letdown" - a static lullaby, "bite the bullet" - across 5 aprils, "short stories with tragic endings" - from autumn to ashes, "synonym for acquiesce" - bayside
-7 cds-
second stage turbine blade - coheed, bayside-name taken split, your favorite weapon - brand new, stay what you are - saves the day, ...and don't forget to breathe - a static lullaby, broken bones and bloody kisses - boysnightout, planes mistaken for stars - planes mistaken for stars
-6 hobbies-
yelling at people out my car window, going to shows.. losing my shoes =\, jumping on trampolines, swinging!, kissing <3
-5 stores-
urban outfitters, hollister, balcony lights [local music store.. shows there too..], wet seal, ummm.. the puma store..
-4 colors-
green, black, pink & white
-3 shows-
simpsons, the i love the 80's and i love the 80's strikes back marathons are soooo the best, the OC
-2 books-
the perks of being a wall flower, american psycho.
-1 item of clothing-
my black flip flops. i wear em with everything!!

Who do you look up to and why?
umm.. i don't look up to just one person.. there's a few.. like my mom.. for dealing with all the bullshit she does.. especially with me and even defending the things i do [ie.. drinking and smoking].. and still being strong.. my friend whitney for standing up for who she is and what she believes in even if no one agrees with her being a lesbian.. and basically i totally admire anyone who will stand up for themselves and be strong
In your opinion, whats the most overrated store?
von dutch.. holy jeez.. if i have to see one more hat i'll shoot myself..
What do you think about the whole downloading music {kazaa} thing?
why waste $297374 for a 12 song cd that fucking sucks.. try it out first.. like test driving a car.. if i really like a CD i'll buy it.. and sometimes i want songs just for mix cds.. okay that was random but its cool.. doesnt bother me. most people i know still buy cds.. so yea..
Same sex marriage?
love is love. love is blind. fuck having to be in love with someone just because they have a penis or a vagina. love is about who they are not what they are. i 9593749% support gya marriage.
And of course, what about war?
only when ABSOLUTELY necessary is war okay. when it can't be avoided. not this bullshit war crap right now. this is dumb and pointless and going no where.. yea.
Why are you FARXOUT?
because. i don't care who likes me or not or what you think. i'm just me. thats about it. <3!

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